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What Lolo sees when she hears Spencer singing the song.

The Song is one of Billy Joe Cobra's pop songs. It is special because it is formulated in such a way that it makes anyone listening fall in love with the singer.

BJC once performed it at a concert full of fangirls, all of whom attacked him on stage. He later taught it to Spencer Wright and Rajeev during the events of Lolo in Love, for the intent of making Lolo Calorie fall in love with Rajeev.


Spencer's renditionEdit

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Lolo, no!


I do Tokyo
It’s all,
That’s right, they love me
And when home is near
You know I gotta hear
I love you
It means you love me

‘Cause when you look into this lad's eyes
It drives you all insane
Because you love me
You know I gotta hear
I love you

Rajeev's renditionEdit

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Rajeev, master of seduction.


In Moscowtown,
All I hear is, yah pibyah teh bluoh
That means you love me


  • The only way to make the song's effect wear off is to make the listener sick of hearing it.
  • Apparently, recordings of the song don't have love-inducing power the way a live performance does, or else all of Beverly Heights would be in love with Spencer for having played it literally everywhere.
  • Kimi wo aishiteru means "I love you" in Japanese.
    • Spencer is not actually pronouncing it correctly. Aishiteru is pronounced "ai-sh'teh-roo", rather than "ai-shi-tah-roo".