Jonah Tyler Taylor
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Jonah, better known as teen heartthrob, J.T.T!
Biographical Attributes
Age 16
Gender Male
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Black
Relatives Unknown
Other Attributes
Voice Actor Steven Kynman
First Appearance Phantom of the Popera
Jonah Tyler Taylor, better known as J.T.T., is an uber-famous Beverly Heights pop star based on Justin Bieber. His voice is notable for being unusually high-pitched.

Public PerceptionEdit

Jonah Tyler Taylor is possibly one of the world's most beloved and admired celebrities. He is such a popular singer that his concerts constantly sell out and fans come up to him on stage. Even Kleet is a fan of JTT.

However, not everybody's like Kleet. Billy Joe Cobra is furious when the JTT ticket sales record tops Billy's (but after Jonah gives a BJC shoutout, Billy's just like any JTT fangirl out there). Spencer Wright calls Jonah's music "wusscore" and insists that he doesn't have any desire to go to the concert until Mallory invites him to join her there.


  • His initials are a homage of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, a 90s teen idol.