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Perhaps he's a cyborg. Or maybe just a very expensive android.
Biographical Attributes
Age High school age; likely around 14 or 15
Gender Male
Hair Color Unknown; presumed to be brown
Other Attributes
Voice Actor Beardyman
First Appearance Scaring Mallory
iStevie is a student at Beverly Beverly High School. He is constantly using technology, even though it should technically be prohibited during school hours.

His voice actor is Beardyman, who was also the voice for Billy Joe Cobra, Kleet Kleenerson, and Greg Slicks.


iStevie is somewhat difficult to gauge since he doesn't speak English, and instead communicates in some form of beatboxing/computer imitation/buzzing language that Beverly Beverly students seem to be able to understand. He also shows very few facial expressions other than his default. However, because of this, it can be said that iStevie is a man of action, not of words.

His loyalties tend to shift astonishingly quickly, switching from the desire to support the status quo to supporting Spencer Wright and his cause in absolutely no time at all.

He does seem to be nice enough when he isn't being mean (however, this meanness is usually understandable, such as his wrath acting as punishment for scaring Mallory or his desire to win a wrestling match overpowering his sense of decorum).