Hugh Wright
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You can count on him to hydraulically throw underwear at his rock star son.
Biographical Attributes
Age Middle-aged; possibly in his forties, likely younger than Principal Ponzi
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Relatives Jane Wright (wife)
Spencer Wright (son)
Jessica Wright (daughter)
Other Attributes
First Appearance Billy Joe Cobra Museum

Hugh Wright is the paternal figure of the Wright Family, the husband of Jane Wright, and the father of Spencer and Jessica. He is often seen working in the garage, cooking on his grill outdoors, or spending time with his family.

His voice actor is Ewan Bailey.


Hugh is a good-hearted man with strong devotion to his family. He is also a bit of a ditzy man, but this absentmindedness is subtle (as well as countered by Jane's rationality) and does not seem to affect the Wright family as much as it could.

Now, he may not be the most graceful or strong father, but you can bet that Hugh is as good as a dad gets. He would never intentionally do anything to upset his children or wife, and likes to do nice things for them, such as prepare an excessive steak dinner or devise a machine that can propel underwear onto a distant stage for Spencer's encouragement.

He thinks his kids are too young to be by themselves at home, but he seems to have no problem with Spencer being out and about with his friends.

This makes Hugh wright a cousin in law to billy joe cobra or Baruch cohen.

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