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Scaring Mallory

When Billy scares Mallory to make her consider moving out of town,he must try to convince her to stay.

Billy Joe Cobra Museum

To raise money,Spencer turns the mansion into a Billy Joe Cobra museum,but it turns into a problem when Billy Joe gets annoyed by the guests.

Billy Joe The Scholar

Spencer gets into trouble when he takes advantge of Billy into tricking him of doing his homework.

Cuckoos Nest

Spencer has to make sure everything in his house is normal when he's faced with expulsion for being weird.

School Of Rockers

Spencer runs into trouble during the school's talent show.

How To Impress Ladies

Billy helps Spencer find a date to take to the Shorty Awards.

The Ghost Of Spencer Wright

Billy turns Spencer into a ghost.

Axe Maniac

Billy feels neglected when Spencer pays more attention to a new video game then him.

Sports Hero

Spencer tries to become more popular by being a sports star so people will notice his films.

Biopic Trap

Spencer has to find a way to save his reputation when he's forced to direct a biography of Principal Ponzi.

Pool Monster

When Billy ectoplasm contaminates Spencer's goldfish it mutates into a piranha that the two must dispose from the family pool.

The Uninvited

Spencer has to find a way to get rid of Kleet after Jessica develops a crush on him.

Billy Joe's Last Fan

Hoover pretends to be a fan of Billy in order to capture him.

Let's Do Lunch

Spencer pretends to be an accomplished director in order to get a big time movie producer to hire him.

Billy Do Joe

Spencer's attempt at a kung fu movie goes awry when he casts Kleet as the villain.

Billy Blob

Spencer uses a blob of gum mutated by Billy's ectoplasm in his movie, but has to stop it when it begins expanding and swallowing everything in sight.

True Party

Spencer throws a birthday party for Rajeev on Billy's private jet.

Phantom Of The Popera

Spencer lies to Billy in order to attend a pop concert and hang out with Mallory.

Rock 'n' Home

Spencer has to prove to his parents that he is responsible enough to stay home alone.

Ghost Mascot

Spencer tries out for the school's wrestling team in order to avoid being put in Principal Ponzi's aerobics class.

Best Day Ever

Spencer and Billy team up to make a music video but their creative differences quickly lead to them turning against each other.

Trouble With Hairy

Billy's ectoplasm-smeared fur coat turns Spencer into a werewolf, and it's picture day at school.

School Of Terror

Spencer cooks up a scheme to get Ponzi fired, but the new principal turns out to be even worse.

Where's Wendy

When Spencer arranges for Billy's former pet miniture crocodile to be brought home from the zoo, the pet turns out not to be miniature at all - and sets its sights on Hugh.

The Candidate

When Lolo runs for class president, promising to put Spencer and his friends in the loser trailer if she's elected, Spencer has no choice but to run against her.

For The Birds

When Spencer has to compete against Lolo to sell the most candy for charity, he makes the mistake of accepting Billy's help, with hilarious but disastrous results.

Little Billy

When Billy unwittingly turns a vintage Billy doll onto a voodoo doll, then Ponzi gets a hold on it, bad things start happening to Billly.

Lolo In Love

Billy helps Rajeev win Lolo's affection by teaching him one of his songs which has love powers. Things go wrong when Lolo accidentally hears Spencer singing it instead.

Billy's Achilles

When Billy discovers that Madame X is no longer intrested in capturing him, as she's moved into healthier pursuits, he goes on a desperate search for a new obsessed fan.

Reality Showdown

Spencer convinces his family to be on a reality show, thinking it would be good publicity for his movies, but is unpleasantly suprised to find the show's producer is Lolo.

A Place In The Sun

When Spencer stands up to Lolo and unwittingly becomes the new "King of the school", he finds that power corrupts.

Copycat Cobra

Another ghost, who's a huge Billy fan, shows up at the mansion to hang out with his idol, and won't take no for an awnser.

Bad Publicity

Spencer makes a deal with a famous Hollywood pubicist in orderto gain exposure for his movies, but has to rescue Billy when she ends up capturing him

Soccer Star

When Billy hears how popular pro-athletes can be he possesses Kleet's body to try and get some fame, but his egotistical on-field antics land him in huge trouble

Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy

Billy clones himself in order to finish a new song quickly, but when he and his clones spend the whole time goofing off, Spencer has to find a way to get the song finished or risk being labeled a fraud.

And The Winner Is

Spencer tries to sneak into the Fame Awards to see his movie idol win after Ponzi sentences him to after-school detention

House Haunts

Spencer loses his necklace and can't see Billy anymore, but still has to find a way to stop Hoover when his parents decide to hire a ghost hunter. 

House of Horrors

Spencer turns the mansion into a huge haunted house for a Halloween contest, but when Billy accidentally merges with the house, it becomes a real horror fest

Blair Wright Project

Hugh takes Spencer and Rajeev into the desert for a camping trip, but the boys' plan to shoot a horror movie there goes awry when Billy's ectoplasm turns Hugh into a real monster.

Zombie Love

Spencer has to save everyone in his school when Billy's ectoplasm-filled cologne turns them into love-happy zombies. 

Summertime Rules

Spencer has to find a way to keep his summer job as head towel boy at the Beverly Beach Club when Ponzi tricks him into driving away all the guests.


Rajeev turns into a merman after Billy adds some ectoplasm to his muscle cream, and a jealous Spencer attempts to steal some of the resulting spotlight for himself.

Escape From Beverly Beverly High

Spencer gets accepted into the Beverly Film Academy, but enlists Lolo, Kleet, and iStevie's help in retrieving his transcript when Ponzi locks it up in a high-security vault. 

The Substitute

Spencer has to protect Billy at school when Hoover poses as a new substitute teacher, but gets some additional help from Principal Ponzi. 

Threes A Crowd

When Spencer encourages Billy and Rajeev to keep each other company while he's away, the two become best buddies and make Spencer feel like the odd man out. 

Cheer Up

Hugh becomes coach of the Beverly Beverly High cheer squad and when he's injured passes the job on to a reluctant Spencer.

Ponzi's Got Talent

Spencer tries to get Ponzi to pursue his lost dream of being a great ribbon dancer, in the hope that he'll quit his job and leave Spencer in peace

The Sleepover

Spencer, Rajeev and Shanila wake up in the middle of the night at a school-sponsored sleepover, with no memory of the night's events and Billy missing

The Hat

Billy gives Spencer a magical hat that allows him to gain confidence. When everyone overhears about it, they'll stop at no cost to get the hat from whoever possesses it.

Evil Wig

When some of Billy's ectoplasm gets soaked into Principal Ponzi's wig, It causes it to become evil, and it's up to Billy and Spencer to get rid of it.

The Wright kind Christmas

When Hugh reminds Spencer that their family tradition, known as Wrightmas, starts today, Spencer is desperate in attempts to hopefully not participate in the event.

Evil Billy

Billy fears that he'll lose his hair. In attempts to prevent it, he uses a hair machine which causes side effects to turn him evil. 

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