Dude, That's My Ghost! is a French/British animated television series produced by French production company Gaumont Animation that airs on Disney XD in the United Kingdom. The series was created and designed by Jan Van Rijsselberge, creator of Robotboy. Dude, That's My Ghost! has been greenlit for 52 x 11 minute episodes. The show premiered on February 2, 2013 on Disney XD. The series has yet to air in North America.

Plot Edit

Spencer Wright and his family (father Hugh, mother Jane and little sister Jessica) move to Beverly Heights, a glamorous life-style city with a fancy academy. Because of Jane being the distant cousin of the greatest but deceased rock-pop sensation Billy Joe Cobra, the Wright family gets to live in the Cobra mansion. And there, Spencer gets to meet the ghost of the super star, who helps him fit in with the rich and cool kids and getting his movies popular.

Characters Edit

Protagonists Edit

Billy Joe Cobra Edit

The ghost of the most talented and greatest Jewish pop legend! His death remains unknown and he might never be able to continue his career but that doesn't stop him from being awesome. Billy became best friends with Spencer when they met (how they met is unknown) and helps him with the glamorous attitude of Beverly Heights. You can only see or hear him when you wear something that belonged to him though.

He often talks about his life back when he did things such as trashing hotel rooms, wrecking music videos or treading his crew horribly. Billy had everything a normal person could ever dream of. He had a crocodile pet named Wendy, he still has his own Cobra Mansion, countless many awards and a lot of girls on his side. In Billy Joe the Scholar he revealed that he once got arrested in Jakarta for spitting on a female police officer's boots. Billy also liked to wear very fashionable clothes and liked his style being one of a kind. Which explains his conflict with Miss Blah Blah, who copied his crazy outfit and sold it as her own. In Trouble with Hairy he told Spencer that he did a lot of shirtless videos for "the smooth look" and played in two movies (Going Ape and Surfing Brofari). Other than that, Billy (when he was around 14) used to be a judge on the show "This town is good at things". He was a very unfriendly judge, which brought him many fans.

Being a famous celebrity makes him a narcissist and he even adores himself WAY more than his fangirls already do. Not to mention that Billy wrote several songs about his narcissism and how much he loves himself (I'm still in love with me, I am the sunshine of my life, P.S. I love me, You love me, I love me more, Bromazing). Billy is so egoistic that he was willing to leave Spencer because he broke Billy's identical wax statue (which Billy really loved) and it gets him extremely angry if someone insults him or his music. Next to himself, mysterious lady Madame X loves him very much and has the desire to capture his ghost to complete her shrine (Billy knows this and likes the fact and would probably hate it when she wouldn't be obsessed with him).

Despite being a ghost, Billy is still able to eat, sleep, in short, still able to do all the things an alive person could do. That, and he has amazing ghost abilities like going through walls, possession, reading thoughts, shape shifting. His ectoplasm seems to be the one thing that usually gets him and Spencer into trouble. It manages to mutate things and turn them into serious danger (the video game in Axe Maniac, Spencer's goldfish and a fly in Pool Monster)

He may not be very street smart but Billy is good at remembering stuff and, not to mention, he is a musical talent after all. His singing voice is very pleasing to the ear and he can play several instruments (guitar, bass, drum) as seen in Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy. He even earned himself an entry in the cycle-pedia. There, his real name was revealed to be Baruch Cohen.

Spencer Wright Edit

This guy knows how the camera works. Spencer is a teenage director in the making and likes to create his own horror movies. It is unknown where exactly he gained interest in that topic but he is very skilled and his movies won several awards. Even celebrities, such as publicist Sandy Peckemlips, movie director Nancy Biggolor or Stan Winnihousen, worshiped his creations (mostly thanks to Billy). One thing Spencer is terrible at is playing any instruments as seen in School of Rockers.

Spencer is pop star Billy's best friend and is able to see him by wearing his guitar pick necklace. He is great full to have the star on his side because without him, Spencer would probably be lost in the fancy academy of Beverly Heights. It is unknown how he does in school but the principal treats him horribly and is often trying to get Spencer expelled.

He isn't very popular in school and no student seems to actually like him. His arch nemesis is Lolo Calorie, the daughter of the owner of the school. Even his own parents don't seem to worship him that much and his sister is always trying to beat him. Next to her, would be school bully Kleet.

Luckily, Spencer has Billy, Rajeev and Mallory who seem to care about him (Billy the most) and the soapies, the cheerleaders who are also a girl band, seem to like him from time to time. Spencer is glad to have a few people that like him and are on his side and does his best to treat them right. Especially Mallory, since he has a crush on her. Luckily for him, she seems to like him as well (Unfortunatley Billy is always ruining their chances although he wants them to be together).

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