​The cast of characters in Dude, That's my Ghost! is quite big, some of them good, some bad.Edit

The main characters in the cast are Spencer Wright and Billy Joe Cobra. 

Billy is the more fun and reckless and the rather gullible one, while Spencer is the semi-smart and film maker of the family. You could probably say that Billy is wrong, but only does bad things unless someone deserves it by being rude to him/his career or being rude to Spencer, or he just does it for fun!

Too learn more about then, here are the links to [Joe Cobra|Billy's] and [Wright|Spencer's] wiki page!
Spencer and billy

Spencer and Billy in one of the many transitions they do in between the scenes.

There isn't too much to say about the side characters, seeing as they don't get too much development. Yet we have been able to make up short sentences about their personality. 

Shanilla is a smart intelligent girl and also is Rajeev's sister. From what we know in the show, it is obvious that both Rajeev and Shanilla are from India. She also has a visible crush on Spencer Wright.

Rajeev is another of Spencer's friends in the show, though not always being there for him. It had been made very obvious that he indeed has a crush on Lolo, a stuck up teenager. He, along with Shanilla, is from India.

Mallory is a kind, rich teen. She has a nice, quiet voice and is known to be very important within the place they live. Spencer has been shown to have a slight crush on Mallory

Kleet is a jock, most likely in many sports. He seems to bully mostly Spencer, Rajeev being the second he bullies the most. He isn't the smartest, but is a very intimidating fighter.

Principal Ponzi is a very mean, cruel and evil principle of Beverly Beverly High. He, in at least 2 episodes, has shown to have an entire replica of the school and his students, still being cruel to Spencer.

Lolo is definitely a daddy's little girl and rather mean person the school, being a complete drama queen and diva. Whenever she see's Spencer entering something, or even enjoying something, she will be sure to try and take him down, usually failing, sometimes succeeding in a cruel way.

Now for some things about the Wright family!

Jane Wright, mother of Spencer and Jessica, is shown to desire fame and fortune. She can be a bit enthusiastic, greeting everyone with a creepy smile. And also very sarcastic and even a bit rude, this is usually shown when giving a punishment to Spencer or in the last episode of season 1.

Hugh Wright, father of Spencer and Jessica Wright, is a little crazy and a bit of an over reactor, as seen in "Axe Maniac". His known hobby is building things, though failing many times. He has worked as a cheerleader but faced a terrible incident, though not stopping him to work again as a cheerleader coach.

Jessica Wright, Spencer Wright's little sister, is a kung fu master. She is usually the most feared, attacking anyone who she does not recognize when in the house. She even was a body gaurd for Spencer in, Billy Joe Cobra Museum.

if you want to know more about the background characters, I suggest going to characters to see their own individual pages.

Jessica (7)

Jessica in the middle of an attack.

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