​The cast of characters in Dude, That's my Ghost! is quite big; some of them good, some of them bad.Edit

The main characters in the cast are Spencer Wright and Billy Joe Cobra

Billy is fun, reckless and rather gullible while Spencer is the semi-smart and aspiring filmmaker of the family. You could probably say that most of the things Billy does is wrong, but he only does them if someone deserves it by being rude to him/his career or being rude to Spencer. He also just does it for fun because that's just who he is!

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Spencer and billy

Spencer and Billy in one of the many transitions they do in between the scenes.

There isn't too much to say about the side characters, seeing as they don't get much development, yet we have been able to make up short sentences about their personalities 

Shanilla is a tiny, intelligent girl and Rajeev's sister. From what we know in the show, it is obvious that they are from India. Shanilla also has a visible crush on Spencer, something he and Billy are well aware of.

Rajeev is another of Spencer's friends, and could also be considered his best friend, only second to Billy. Though, Rajeev is not always there for him, especially when Lolo Calorie, a super rich and super popular mean girl who attends the same high school as them, is present and can easily be manipulated by her to turn against Spencer. It has been made very obvious that Rajeev has an unrequited crush on Lolo.

Mallory is a kind, rich teen, though she can easily put her status as one of the popular kids above her kindness for others, such as when she was excited to be one of the students listed not to be going into the Loser Trailer Lolo had assigned all the others to in The Candidate. Mallory has a soft, gentle voice and is known to be very important within Beverly Heights. Spencer has a crush on Mallory and has impressed her on more than one occasion. Mallory seems to like Spencer as she wanted to attend a concert with him and would have gladly joined him for an awards show had Billy not intervened.

Kleet is the stereotypical, popular, yet dumb jock who is in nearly every sport at Beverly Beverly High. He takes great pleasure in bullying Spencer, with Rajeev being the second he bullies the most. Kleet is also the one of the main targets of Billy's retaliations, as he seems to get his just desserts almost everytime he messes with Spencer. He isn't the smartest, but is a very intimidating fighter and is feared by many of the smaller, weaker students.

Principal Ponzi is the very strict, evil, and creepy principle of Beverly Beverly High. He, in at least 2 episodes, has shown to have an entire replica of the school and his students that he uses for his fantasy role-plays. He harbors a massive hatred for Billy, as he was the reason he was forced to quit his ribbon-dancing dreams and become a principal. Because Spencer is related to Billy, this hatred gets redirected at him, getting unfair punishments and treatment from Ponzi and his pet bird, Lorenzo. Principal Ponzi has a huge, unrequited crush on the elderly Miss Rumsfeld, who was once his high school teacher, just adding to his squick factor.

Lolo Calorie is definitely daddy's little girl and is the richest, hottest, and most popular person in the school (going by her screenname RichestHottestBest98). She is also a complete drama queen and diva with her own personal bodyguard named Adrian, who does most of her bidding and goes along with her schemes without question. Whenever she see's Spencer entering something, or even enjoying something, she will be sure to try and take him down, usually failing because of direct or indirect involvement from Billy or because Spencer outwits her, while other times she succeeds in a cruel way...only for some karma to get her back later.

Now for some things about the Wright family!

Jane Wright, mother of Spencer and Jessica and the distant cousin of Billy, is shown to desire fame and fortune. She can be a bit enthusiastic, greeting everyone with a creepy smile and a desire to cut and/or style their hair. She can be very sarcastic and even mean sometimes, usually when giving a punishment to Spencer or in the last episode of the series when she called Ponzi out on overreacting and calling his wig cheap, only backing down when he threatened to sue her.

Hugh Wright, father of Spencer and Jessica Wright, is a little crazy and a bit overreactive at times, as seen in "Axe Maniac" when he got a tiny splinter in his big toe. He has worked as a cheerleader but quit after a scarring incident, though this did not stopping him from becoming a cheerleader coach. Later on, he began work as an accountant/cheerleading coach and head of the Cheerleading Accountant Department for Lolo's father (as of the end of "Cheer Up") and as a passionate hobby for building and inventing things, though failing many times. He is a family man who loves his wife and children a lot, even trying to become more active in his son's life by helping him out with his movies and taking him and Rajeev camping for a male-bonding experience.

Jessica Wright, Spencer Wright's little sister, is a Kung-Fu master and is usually the most feared, even by Billy and Lolo. She attacks anyone who she does not recognize when in the house, thinking they're intruders. She was hired to be a bodyguard for Spencer in "Billy Joe Cobra Museum". She had once "dated" Kleet, despite her only being 12 and him 16, but broke up with him because he was just using her to be his groupie and get VIP treatment. He couldn't even be bothered to remember her name, leaving her to literally kick him out of the house and tell him never to come back.

if you want to know more about the background characters, I suggest going to characters to see their own individual pages.

Jessica (7)

Jessica in the middle of an attack.