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This guy's got his life all figured out.
Biographical Attributes
Age High-school age; likely around 14 or 15
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Other Attributes
First Appearance Scaring Mallory

Buddy is a student at Beverly Beverly High School. He is notorious for launching himself out of a cannon at any given opportunity.

His voice actor is unknown due to vague crediting.


Buddy is just what his name dictates: a buddy. He is often smiling and appears to be a friendly person, talking to people and showing up around the school incredibly often.

For all his amiability, he seems to have no problem with cheating at contact sports by cannon-launching himself at his opponent.


Buddy has his very own, functional cannon, from which he launches himself whenever he likes. It is unknown where the cannon is stored or how Buddy manages to bring it out as quickly as he does.

During a wrestling match, his cannon worked perfectly, but at the talent show, his cannon failed miserably. This was likely for comedic effect.


He has a Southern accent and is always wearing his cannon-launch suit, presumably in preparation for any moments that require him to launch himself from his cannon.

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